Eric Sulkers on SOP

Ulla Peters | 25.11.2020

In order to get a first impression of the pratice model in SOP, you find below a number of videos that deal with basic questions.

Ben Furman (, a Finnish child psychiatrist who has himself developed solution-focused programs such as “Kids skills”, interviews Eric Sulkers about the innovative potential of SOP and the links to other approaches, such as family group conferences and non-violent resistance by Haim Omer.

Eric Sulkers ( advises and supervises SOP in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA. The videos are in English language.


What is new about this way of working and this practice?

Eric Sulkers describes (5:42 minutes) what is new about SOP and refers to different approaches and authors. SOP focuses on solutions and resources, provides a clear framework for describing worries and dangers and focuses on creating a safety plan for the future.



What is safety planning?

Here Eric Sulkers (7:55 minutes) explains that safety planning describes concrete dangers, stressors and triggers and details who can create safety for the children with which actions. He contextualizes this approach culturally and historically.



Where is this kind of work done?

Eric Sulkers outlines (2:05 minutes) where SOP is used worldwide and what is helpful in spreading the approach.



What are the advantages of this way of working?

Here (2:18 minutes) Eric Sulkers discusses the benefits of SOP for children, families, professionals, their organizations and for society.



On the effectiveness of SOP

What are the findings on the effectiveness of SOP? Eric Sulkers outlines (4:50 minutes( research approaches and some results, including promising ones from Minessota.



What are family group conferences?

Eric Sulkers (3:48 minutes) explains how the idea of the Family Group Conference was born in New Zealand and what cultural and legal differences there are in the different places in the world where SOP is used.



Authority without violence

Here the idea of non-violent resistance or authority without violence by Haim Omer ( is presented as a supportive approach for parents, families and professionals (2:39 minutes).



How can we disseminate this way of working?

Eric Sulkers describes (6:09 minutes) what it takes socially and professionally to disseminate SOP and how organisations can implement SOP.


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Eric Sulkers on SOP