The members of the network

Margaretenstift Saarbrücken To the website

The MaS is a traditional-innovative institution which offers and develops integrative assistance and care for children, young people and families in inpatient day-care and outpatient settings on a regional and national level.

SCAF, apehm To the website

SCAF as a specialised parenting support and guidance service, is aimed at families with a child or parent with a disability and offers guidance, parenting support and psychological counselling for the child and family in their own home.

Kannerhaus Junglinster, arcus To the website

We are a youth welfare institution for girls and boys from the age of 4.

Fondation Solina To the website

Solidarité Jeunes is committed to the well-being of children, teenagers, young adults and their families in Luxembourg. The clients are accompanied, supported and advised by the educational staff in the residential groups and ambulatory services.

SAEF, elisabeth To the website

The Child, Youth and Family Services (SAEF) of the Elisabeth Group offer various forms of residential and ambulatory care. The SAEF work closely in the SOP network with other child and youth welfare organizations, as well as with the Youth Welfare Office (Office National de l'Enfance) and the relevant government services.

PSYEA, femmes en detresse To the website

Femmes en détresse is a national association that looks after women, children and victims of domestic violence.

Croix Rouge, Bereich AEF To the website

Since 2017, we have been implementing - accompanied by the University of Luxembourg - a holistic and conceptually anchored repertoire of methods and a reflected practice (Case Laboratories) in the inpatient sector of child and youth services - Centre d'Accueil Norbert Ensch (CANE). We work with protection-oriented and appreciative approaches whose focus is on protecting children and strengthening families.

Jugend- und Drogenhellef, service parentalité To the website

The Jugend- an Drogenhëllef is committed to providing a wide range of services for drug users and their families. The Service Parentalité focuses on the children of addicted parents and family work.

Caritas Jeunes et Familles asbl To the website

"Together, let's build the future of our young people and children". Our mission is to build the future of young people and children in a caring, supportive and inclusive environment. Parents, young people and children can benefit from the services we make available to them: our day structures, our day and night structures and our specialized services.

Fondation Kannerschlass To the website

The Fondation Kannerschlass is a non-profit organisation that offers a wide range of counselling and support services for children, young people and their families. The services range from preventative and outpatient measures to therapeutic and social structures that take place within the framework of child and family support (Aide à l'enfance et à la famille - AEF). In collaboration with the Systemic Institute for New Authority (SyNA) and the SOP network, we aim to strengthen families and ensure the protection of children and young people.

ensemble gGmbH To the website

As a recognised individual educational youth welfare organisation based in Germany and Luxembourg, our services are aimed at young people who are not eligible for regular child and youth welfare services.

CePAS To the website

CePAS actively supports Transnet SOP as an interested partner. CePAS consists on the one hand of a counseling center for young people and families and on the other hand of a resource center for members of the school community, especially SePAS in the high schools.


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